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The Woodlands Dermatology Associates

Clinical trials

At The Woodlands Dermatology Associates and Montgomery Dermatology, our Clinical Trials Team and participating physicians conduct medical and cosmetic research trials for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies, laser manufacturers and clinical research organizations. To learn more about the dermatology research being conducted at our office in The Woodlands or in Montgomery,  please call (281) 363-5050 or ask your physician during your next visit.

Being a clinical study patient

Our medical and cosmetic clinical trials provide us the opportunity to see first-hand what’s new and innovative in dermatological science. But just as importantly, it gives our research patients a chance to advance science and possibly benefit from the therapies being tested. Like our medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology patients, our clinical research participants receive excellent care and service. They receive free skin exams from a board-certified dermatologist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, study-related medication or treatment at no cost and often blood, electro-cardiogram and other tests – again, at no charge. Sometimes these tests alert patients to an abnormality or other health issues that they were unaware of and that could negatively impact their health. Please ask us about participating in clinical trials when you visit.

Common patient concerns

Some patients may be too uncomfortable to being in trials. There may be a concern about the safety of the trial. After all, it’s a test medication or device. There may also be concerns about lack of information about the drug or being trapped in a trial once it begins. We address the first two concerns clearly and carefully during a screening visit when we confirm that you have the skin condition being studied and we assess its severity and other inclusion and exclusion criteria to see if you qualify for the study.

Our clinical research coordinators (CRCs) go over the study with you. Before someone can join a trial, the individual must review a detailed informed consent with our CRCs and doctors, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, explaining exactly what’s involved and what will happen during the study. The third concern is also addressed in the informed consent – that is, letting all participants know that they are free to leave a study at any time for any reason.

To find out more about clinical trials at our practice, call our office at (281) 363-5050.

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